Manor House Wildlife Park

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Manor House Wildlife Park
Location Pembrokeshire, Wales
Coordinates 51.67491°N 4.776829°W
Land area 52 acres (21 ha)

Manor House Wildlife Park is a zoo in Pembrokeshire, Wales, on the B4318 road north of the village of St Florence. It is run by TV presenter Anna Ryder Richardson and is also known as "Anna's Welsh Zoo".[1]


In 2002 the park was called Manor House Wild Animal Park and included a museum, souvenir shop and restaurant as well as animal exhibits.[2]

TV presenter and property developer Anna Ryder Richardson and her husband Colin MacDougall took over the zoo in 2008 when it was in a "dilapidated" state and spent seven months renovating the park.[3] Richardson made a video diary of the redevelopment which became the TV movie Chaos at the Zoo, narrated by Ruth Jones.[4] Among the animals featured was a pair of endangered Siamang gibbons.[5]

In March 2012, it was announced that Richardson and her husband were to be prosecuted over alleged breaches of health and safety legislation after a mother and child were injured by a falling branch.[6] Subsequently charges against Richardson were dropped but her husband and the zoo pleaded guilty to four charges and were fined a total of £74,000,[7] plus costs.[3]


Large animals include rhino, oryx, zebra, tapir, camel and llama; there are also smaller wild animals such as meerkat, wallaby and lemur, and a variety of birds, principally ostrich, emu, rhea, macaw and guinea fowl; the park is also home to a number of native birds such as goldcrest.[8]

Endangered species[edit]

As well as the endangered Siamang gibbons, the park is home to the white rhino "Zamba", one of three Southern white rhino at the park,[9] and the first to be bred from artificial insemination in the UK. In 2015 the park learned that they had been allocated a pair of critically endangered Sumatran tigers to support the European Endangered Species Programme.[10]


Facilities include a cafe, photography workshops and educational support programmes for teachers and pupils.


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