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The Manorama Yearbook is a concise encyclopedia of current affairs published annually in Malayalam, English, Hindi, Tamil and Bengali languages by the Malayala Manorama Group in India.

The Manorama Yearbook series was first printed in Malayalam in 1959, and the English edition was first published in 1965. The first Hindi edition of the Yearbook was released by the then Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi, on 18 March 1989. the Bengali edition was first released in Kolkata on 18 April 1996.

The content of the Manorama Yearbook typically covers condensed information on people (holding public offices, receiving major awards or recognition, or involved in newsworthy events), places (demography, capital, economic data, and political status of countries, Indian states, population, literacy etc.), events and other notable developments.

The latest version of Manorama Yearbook 2014 was released by mid-December 2013. This new release contains some new sections:

  • World History, Social Justice & Women Empowerment, Art, Culture and Heritage.
  • Natural Disaster Management, Stem cell Research, Cyber crime and Security, Education and Career, Dark matter, 100 Years of Indian Cinema, Sports, Elections 2014.