Mansakan languages

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Davao Region, Mindanao
Linguistic classification: Austronesian
Glottolog: mans1261[1]

The Mansakan languages are a group of languages spoken in the Philippines. Davawenyo is the principal native language of the Davao region, Butuanon of Agusan del Sur and Agusan del Norte provinces particularly in Butuan and Surigaon for most of Caraga region. However, there is a high degree of bilingualism in Cebuano among their speakers.



The Mansakan languages are:

Gallman (1974)[edit]

The Mansakan subgrouping below is from Gallman (1974).[2]

Individual languages are marked by italics, and primary branches by bold italics.

  • Mansakan
    • North Mansakan
      • Kamayo North and Kamayo South
    • Davaw
      • Davawenyo (Davaweño)
    • Eastern Mansakan
      • Isamal
      • Caraga (Karaga)
      • Kabasagan, Boso, Mansaka, Mandayan
    • Western Mansakan
      • Kalagan and Tagakaolo
  • Mamanwa


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