Mansuetus (bishop of Toul)

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Bishop of Toul
Sculpture façade Notre-Dame-de-L'Annonciation de Nancy 2.jpg
Church Catholic Church
Appointed 365
Term ended 375
Successor Amon
Feast day September 3
Venerated in Catholic Church

Saint Mansuetus (French: Mansuy) (died 375) was the first Bishop of Toul. He is thought to be of Irish or Scottish origin. After religious studies in Rome, he was sent by Pope Damasus I to evangelize Gaul, becoming the first bishop of Toul in 365.


According to the Vita Sancti Gerardi, Bishop St. Gerard I of Toul (r. 963–994) had the relics of both Mansuetus and Aprus brought into Toul and placed in the church of St. John the Baptist while he was ill.[1]

His feast day is celebrated on September 3.


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