Manteo High School

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Manteo High School
829 Wingina Avenue
United States
School type Public
Opened April 1983
Superintendent Sue F. Burgess
Principal John Luciano
Vice principal Meldine Lee
Staff 69
Teaching staff 45
Grades 9-12
Number of students 480
Average class size 18
Schedule type 5-period Hybrid Block
Hours in school day 7.05
Color(s) Black and Gold
Athletics Baseball, Men's Basketball,Girl's Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross-Country, Football, Golf, Men's Soccer, Girl's Soccer, Softball, Men's Tennis, Women's Tennis, Track, Volleyball, Wrestling, Swimming.
Mascot Indian Brave (Redskins)
Newspaper Sound To Sea
Yearbook Sandfiddler
Feeder schools Manteo Middle School, First Flight Middle School

Manteo High School is one of three high schools located in Dare County. The school is located on Roanoke Island at 829 Wingina Avenue, Manteo, North Carolina. Manteo was named after Chief Manteo who assisted the Roanoke Colony, which became known later as the Lost Colony. Renovations were completed on the school in 2007.


Manteo's sports teams play under the name "Redskins." The school has 21 athletic teams (including seven varsity teams and five junior varsity teams) that compete with other 1-A schools in the eastern part of North Carolina and across the state. They sometimes compete with First Flight High School which is in the same district.


Coordinates: 35°54′57″N 75°40′27″W / 35.9157°N 75.6743°W / 35.9157; -75.6743