Mantsinsaari Island

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Mantsinsaari Island
Native name: Остров Мантсинсаари
Location 61°23′N 031°37′E / 61.383°N 31.617°E / 61.383; 31.617
Length 14.5 km (9.01 mi)
Width 4 km (2.5 mi)
Population 2

Mantsinsaari Island (also Mantsi, Russian: Остров Мантсинсаари, Finnish: Mantsinsaari) is an island on the North-East of Lake Ladoga in the Salmi settlement in the Pitkyaranta municipality in the Republic of Karelia. The island is nearly uninhabited.[1]

Before World War II, the island was a part of the Salmi municipality in Finland, and it had 1,500 inhabitants. The island did not have a bridge, instead a cable ferry. The main sources of livelihood were cultivation and fishing.

Mantsinsaari Island had an artillery battery, two 152-mm Canet 45 coastal artilleries. During the Winter War, the artillery assisted Finnish troops in battles of the North of Lake Ladoga. The Red Army was unable to conquer the island.


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