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Manu Farrarons is a Polynesian tattoo artist born in France in 1967, who grew up in Tahiti. With his Polynesian designs, he contributes to the art of tattooing.

Manu Farrarons
"Ocean Spirit" Full back by Manu Farrarons
Flowing feminine freehand tattoo by Manu Farrarons
Leg tattooed by Manu Farrarons. Freehand

Manu Farrarons is a Tahitian tattoo artists.[citation needed]. His art is a mix of Polynesian styles and designs, mostly Tahitian and Marquesan, which he mixes with Māori and Hawaiian influences.

Full leg tattooed by Manu Farrarons. Freehand creation.


Born in 1967 in Cholet (France), of a painter mother and tattoo artist father, he spent his childhood in Tahiti and was immersed in Polynesian life and culture. At an early age he started drawing Tahitian and Marquesan designs.

His father opened the first professional tattoo shop in Tahiti, which he owned until he passed it down to Manu. He started tattooing when he was age 15.

After finishing high school, he studied to become a school teacher. Even during his time as a school teacher, he increased his knowledge of Polynesian designs by researching them in Tahiti and Hawaii, where he had access to anthropological archives stored at Bishop Museum of Honolulu.


Manu has been tattooing professionally since 1991, after he left his job as a school teacher in order to fulfill his passion. He took over his father’s tattoo shop in Papeete, Tahiti, and renamed it “Mana’o Tattoo”. In the Tahitian language the word “Mana’o” means “idea, knowledge or thought”.

Companies and the media have noticed his talent and have commissioned him to create logos and designs. These include jewelery and clothes.

He has tattooed personalities like Ali Campbell and Astro from the band UB40, who played in Tahiti during their 2003 tour.[citation needed]

Manu Farrarons has won prizes for his tattoos such as:

  • Tattoonesia Festival in 2005 in Moorea, French Polynesia
  • Best Tribal Tattoo Artist at Ink’n’Iron International Tattoo Festival in 2008 in Long Beach, California
  • 2nd Best Tribal Tattoos (male and female) at Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo in March 2010 in Sydney, Australia
  • Best Tribal Tattoo Artist at Ink’n’Iron International Tattoo Festival in 2011 in Long Beach, California

Most of his tattoo designs are freehanded as Manu makes it a point to create unique pieces that flow and follow his clients’ body perfectly.[citation needed]


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