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Manuel De Peppe is an Italian actor, musician, composer, and producer. He spent the majority of his career as an actor and singer, but in 2003 moved to the United States primarily to act as a composer and producer of music.

Early life[edit]

Manuel De Peppe was born in Milan, Italy in 1970. He spent most of his earlier years studying acting, music, dubbing, vocal, piano, and drums at the CTA Academy of Milan, and at age 14 he passed the SIAE composers examination. Around the same time, he began to work in advertising, acting in commercials and as a model in fashion photography. He spent two years doing this work before getting his first major television role.


In 1986, De Peppe played the character of "Matt" (the drummer of the band Beehive) in an Italian TV series called Love Me Licia, which was his first major role in broadcast television. He followed this up from 1987 to 1993 with a series of soap operas and television films, such as Licia Dolce Licia (Licia sweet Licia) and Don Tonino. In the Don Tonino series, De Peppe demonstrated his acting skills in both in comedy scenes and dramatic scenes. He has received positive reviews from the press for his role.[citation needed]

Music and Composition[edit]

In 1986, in conjunction with Bee Hive, De Peppe sang and wrote musical scores for the TV series. This work continued throughout 1987. From 1988 on, he began writing more of his own music, usually performing as a singer but also arranging scores and composing new songs or albums. In 2002 From 2002 to 2006 De Peppe composed popular music jingles for Italian TV. In 2006 he produced and arranged the debut album of the singer-bass player Tony Amodio. In 2007 composed, arranged, and produced the new single for the Reunion of the Icona Italian band Bee Hive. In 2009 he produced and arranged the second CD of the Italian singer Tony Amodio and composed three songs. In 2009 De Peppe composed and arranged a new ballad, "Til You Believe", with Bill Champlin (former singer of the platinum band Chicago); Champlin performed and wrote the lyrics with his wife Tamara Champlin.

De Peppe has also collaborated with Peer Music, Piero Cassano, Ivana Spagna, Toto Cutugno, Marco Grasso, Pablo Manavello, Jorge Luis Cachin, Martha Cancel, Bernadette O'Reilly, Franco Fasano, Danilo Amerio, Julio Bague', Ariztia, and Clara Serina.


  • 1995 Host for the event "Quelli Di Domani" at Teatro Nazionale of Milan, Italy.
  • 2010 Host for the event "Miss Italia USA California 2010" in Sausalito, California, USA.



  • 1986 - Love Me Licia with Bee Hive (drums-background vocal)
  • 1987 - Licia Dolce Licia with Bee Hive (drums-background vocal)
  • 1988 - Tutti in Campo Con Lotti (singer)
  • 1988 - Tu Con Noi - Flash Gordan (singer)
  • 1989 - Per Te Armenia - Italian Singers together for Armenia (vocal)
  • 1990 - Il Mondo Siamo Noi (singer)
  • 1990 - Una Donna Da Poco (singer)
  • 1991 - Il Meglio Di Licia and the Bee Hive (drum)
  • 1999 - A Paola in duet with Enzo Draghi (singer, arranger, producer, composer)
  • 2000 - Que Calor - Luz Latina (featuring singer)
  • 2002 - Ballet (vocal, arranger, producer, composer)
  • 2004 - A Paola - solo version (singer, arranger, producer, composer)
  • 2008 - Don't Say Goodbye as Bee Hive Reunion (drums, keyboards, background vocals, producer, composer, arranger)
  • 2010 - Licia Bee Hive Story (5 CD collection) (drums)
  • 2011 - Primo Sogno D'Amore - Instrumental single (composer, arranger, producer, performer)
  • 2011 - Anime Cosi - single (singer, composer, arranger, producer)
  • 2011 - Almas Asi - single (singer, composer, arranger, producer)
  • 2013 - Me amas tambien - duet with Clara Serina of the Italian platinum quartet Cavalieri del Re (guest singer)
  • 2013 - Mi ami anche tu - duet with Clara Serina of the Italian platinum quartet Cavalieri del Re (guest singer)
  • 2013 - You - (singer, composer, arranger, producer)
  • 2013 - Don't say goodbye - 2013 Remix Version as Bee Hive Reunion (composer, arranger, producer, background vocal)
  • 2013 - This is Christmas time - (singer, composer, arranger, producer)
  • 2014 - Dove si va - (singer, composer, arranger, producer)
  • 2014 - Donde Vamos - (singer, composer, arranger, producer)


  • 1986: LOVE ME LICIA - Soap opera (Italian TV Italia 1) - Matt
  • 1987: LICIA DOLCE LICIA - Soap opera (Italian TV Italia 1) - Matt
  • 1988: DON TONINO - Telefilm (Italian TV Italia 1, Happy Channel, Iris, and Canadian TV TLN Tele Latino Network) - Gabriele
  • 1989: DON TONINO 2 - Telefilm (Italian TV Canale 5-Italia 1, Happy Channel, Iris, and Canadian TV TLN Tele Latino Network) - Gabriele
  • 1993: LA RÖDA LA GIRA - Soap opera (Swiss TV TSI 1) - Marco
  • 2004: VALIGIE DI CARTONE - documentary (Cinema and Festivals) - Himself
  • 2013: MI AMI ANCHE TU - ME AMAS TAMBIEN (Music video)
  • 2013: YOU (Music Video)
  • 2013: THIS IS CHRISTMAS TIME (Music video)

Current life[edit]

Manuel lives in New York, he's married and he has 2 sons. He also became a Buddhist in 2011. He's also a vegetarian.

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