Manx general election, 2001

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Manx general election, 2001
Isle of Man
1996 ←
22 November, 2001 → 2006

All 24 seats to the House of Keys
13 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Party Independent Alliance for Progressive Government Manx Labour Party
Seats won 19 3 2
Popular vote 38,648 4,059 4,261
Percentage 82.3 8.6 9.1

Map of the Manx general election, 2001.svg

Chief Minister before election

Donald Gelling

Elected Chief Minister

Richard Corkill

Coat of arms of the Isle of Man.svg
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A General election was held on the Isle of Man on 22 November, 2001 to elect members to the island's lower house, the House of Keys. The election was dominated by Independents, who won 22 of the 24 seats.


Parties Votes Votes % Seats Seat Change
Independents (AFG) 4,059 8.6 3
Manx Labour Party 4,261 9.1% 2
Independents 38,648 82.3 19
Total 46,968 100 24
Constituency Name Party Votes
Ayre Edgar Quine MHK None / (APG) 1038
Thurston Arrowsmith None 202
Castletown Tony Brown MHK None Unopposed
Douglas East Phil Braidwood MHK None 1168
Brenda Cannell MHK None / (APG) 973
Colin Cain None 474
Philip White None 252
Douglas North Bill Henderson None Unopposed
John Houghton MHK None Unopposed
Douglas South David Cretney MHK Manx Labour Party 1,956
Adrian Duggan None 763
Gary Cain None 273
Rodney Clarke None 394
Andrew Jessop None 349
David Buttery None 467
Douglas West Alex Downie None 1,528
John Shimmin MHK None 1,506
Peter Murcott None 253
Michael Percival None 628
Garff Steve Rodan MHK None 1,176
Marianne Kerruish None 809
Glenfaba David Anderson MHK None 697
Walter Gilbey None 374
Alan Kermode None 205
Malew and Santon Donald Gelling MHK None Unopposed
Michael David Cannan MHK None 898
Roy Kennaugh None 630
Middle Martyn Quayle MHK None 613
Allen Gawne None 555
Paul Beckett None 124
Graham Crowe None 539
Onchan Peter Karran MHK Manx Labour Party 2,305
Adrian Earnshaw MHK None 1,929
Richard Corkill None 2,243
Geoff Cannell None 1,624
Elizabeth Kelly None 447
David Quirk None 1551
Peel Hazel Hannan MHK None 1296
Christine Moughtin None 505
Ramsey Annie Craine MHK None 1,794
Allan Bell MHK None 2,260
Leonard Singer MHK None / (APG) 2,048
Joseph Rooney None 116
Brian Beattie None 564
Rushen John Rimmington MHK None 1,919
Pamela Crowe MHK None 1,644
Quintin Gill MHK None 1,856
John Gill None 826
Andrew Roy None 1,633
Phillip Crellin None 1,564