Maol Íosa IV, Earl of Strathearn

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Maol Íosa IV of Strathearn, who ruled Strathearn (1317–1329), is the seventh known Mormaer of Strathearn, but of course this is simply a source problem and in no way means that he was the seventh in actuality.

Maol Íosa was an ardent supporter of the cause of Robert de Brus during the Scottish Wars of Independence, even fighting against his father Maol Íosa III, whom he captured in 1313. Maol Íosa IV's allegiance with King Robert probably saved the life of old Maol Íosa.

He married Johanna, daughter of Sir John de Menteith, by whom he sired Mormaer Maol Íosa V, the last traditional Gaelic Mormaer of Strathearn.


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Preceded by
Maol Íosa III
Mormaer of Strathearn
Succeeded by
Maol Íosa V