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Type Private
Industry maps
Founded 2010
Headquarters Washington, DC
San Francisco, CA
Key people Eric Gundersen
Employees 48

Mapbox is a one of the biggest providers of custom online maps for major websites such as Foursquare, Pinterest, Evernote, the Financial Times and Uber Technologies.[1] Since 2010, it has rapidly expanded the niche of custom maps, as a response to the limited choice offered by map providers such as Google Maps.[1] Mapbox is the creator of, or a significant contributor to many popular open source mapping libraries and applications, including the MBTiles specification, the TileMill cartography IDE, the Leaflet JavaScript library, the CartoCSS map styling language and parser, and the mapbox.js JavaScript library.

Data sources and technology[edit]

The data are taken both from open data sources, such as OpenStreetMap and NASA, and from proprietary datasources, such as DigitalGlobe.[2][3] The technology is based on Node.js,[4] CouchDB, Mapnik, GDAL, and Leafletjs.


The startup[1] was created as a part of Development Seed in order to offer map customization for non-profit customers, in 2010. It was bootstrapped until a 2013 $10M funding round by Foundry Group.[5]

Early work on OpenStreetMap tools, including the iD editor, was funded by a $575,000 grant from the Knight Foundation.[6]


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