Maple River (Iowa)

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Coordinates: 41°59′56″N 95°58′55″W / 41.999°N 95.982°W / 41.999; -95.982
Maple River
Country US
State Iowa
 - location Turin, Iowa, US
 - coordinates 41°59′56″N 95°58′55″W / 41.999°N 95.982°W / 41.999; -95.982

The Maple River is a river in the United States. It flows through western Iowa and is 100 miles (160 km) long.[1] The Maple River rises in Buena Vista County, and flows generally southwest through Ida Grove, Battle Creek, Danbury, and Mapleton finally joining with the Little Sioux River near Turin. Much of the river has been channelized.

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