Maple leaf cream cookies

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Maple leaf cream cookies
Chinese pie.jpg
A plate of pie, with pickled beets and a Maple leaf cookie
Alternative names Maple leaf creme cookies, maple leaf cookies, maple creme cookies, maple leaf cremes, maple cremes
Type Cookie
Place of origin Canada
Main ingredients Filling: cream flavoured with maple syrup or maple flavouring
Cookbook:Maple leaf cream cookies  Maple leaf cream cookies

Maple leaf cream cookies (also called "maple leaf creme cookies", "maple leaf cookies", "maple creme cookies", "maple leaf cremes", and "maple cremes") are a Canadian sandwich cookie.

The cream filling is maple-flavored, and may contain real maple syrup. The cookies are shaped like a maple leaf, a national symbol of Canada.

Several Canadian companies produce it mostly for the domestic market, although it has a growing following in the U.S.[1][2]