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Waterloo Maple Inc. (Maplesoft)
Industry Symbolic Computation, Software, Technical Computing
Founded April, 1988
Founder Keith Geddes and Gaston Gonnet
Headquarters Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Parent Cybernet Systems Group
Website www.maplesoft.com
Maplesoft Corporate Headquarters

Waterloo Maple Inc. is a Canadian software company, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario. It operates under the trade name Maplesoft. It is best known as the manufacturer of the Maple computer algebra system and MapleSim physical modeling and simulation software.

Corporate history[edit]

Waterloo Maple Inc. was first incorporated under the name Waterloo Maple Software in April 1988 by Keith Geddes and Gaston Gonnet, who were both then professors in the Symbolic Computation Group, a part of the computer science department (now the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science) at the University of Waterloo.

Tim Bray served as the part-time CEO of Waterloo Maple Inc. from 1989-1990. During this period he claims in his resume that he helped save the company from one close encounter with bankruptcy by "instituting financial discipline".[1]

Gonnet left the company in 1994 after a failed attempt to purchase a controlling stake despite already owning 30% of the shares, and following protracted disagreements over the management of the company sold his remaining share in 2001.[2]

From July 1998 to August 2003, the headquarters of Waterloo Maple was located in the former Seagram Museum in Waterloo, which was itself the former location of the original Seagram distillery. Its headquarters have since moved to Kumpf Drive in Waterloo.

In September 2009, Waterloo Maple was acquired by the Japanese software retailer Cybernet Systems Group, a group of companies focused on Computer Aided Engineering.[3][4]


Product Related Products Version
  • Maple Add-Ons
Global Optimization
Grid Computing
  • Maple Interactive E-Books
Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Maple
Calculus Study Guide
Precalculus Study Guide
The Mathematics Survival Kit - Maple Edition
  • MapleSim Add-Ons
MapleSim Connector
MapleSim Connector for LabVIEW and NI VeriStand Software
MapleSim Connector for dSPACE Software
MapleSim Control Design Toolbox
MapleSim Tire Component Library
MapleSim Driveline Component Library
Maple T.A.
  • Maple T.A. Add-Ons & Related Products
Maple T.A. Connector for Blackboard Software
Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite
MapleNet n/a 18

Information above taken from the official Maplesoft website.[5]

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