Mar de amor

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Mar de Amor
Created by Delia Fiallo
Written by Alberto Gómez
María Antonieta Gutiérrez
Directed by Eric Morales
Starring Mario Cimarro
Zuria Vega
Erika Buenfil
Juan Ferrara
Theme music composer Jorge Eduardo Murguía
Mauricio Arriaga
Rubén Zepeda
Opening theme Regálame un beso by Fanny Lú
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 165 [1]
Executive producer(s) Nathalie Lartilleux
Editor(s) Alfredo Frutos
Pablo Peralta
Cinematography Adrián Frutos
Running time 42-45 minutes
Original channel Televisa
Picture format 480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original run November 16, 2009 – July 2, 2010
Preceded by Mi Pecado
Followed by Cuando me enamoro
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Mar de Amor (Literally "Sea of Love" but known in English speaking markets as "Curse by the Sea") is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by Nathalie Lartilleux with Zuria Vega and Mario Cimarro as main protagonists, and Ninel Conde as the main female antagonist of the story. This is a remake of the 1978 Venezuelan telenovela María del Mar.


For Estrella (Zuria Vega), life is like the sea, full of danger and evil. But the sea also fights and moves forward. Far from her foster father; this humble fisher has suffered from the disorder that the crazy Casilda (Erika Buenfil) has. Casilda is Estrella's mother, who was in this state after being raped by Guillermo (Juan Ferrara), a wealthy man who is tormented by this sin. Since then, the crazy Casilda roams between peoples aimlessly. However, in the absence of their parents, Estrella received the shelter of her humble sponsors, who have brought her up as their child.

In her fondness for study, Estrella learned to read, and through books knew love. She begins to fall for the famous writer, Victor Manuel Galindez (Mario Cimarro).

Victor Manuel lived for years traveling in different directions while writing his many adventures as a sailor, but one day, destiny and fate crossed his path, and he meets Coral (Ninel Conde), a woman who washed up on a beach and has Amnesia. This strange woman steals Victor Manuel's heart. However, this relationship ends when Victor Manuel learns that Coral killed in a tragic boat explosion. Devastated and feeling guilty about the death of Coral, Victor Manuel returns to Playa Escondida, the town where he grew up. He drinks, trying to forget his sorrows that are like a dark blanket. He never imagines that Estrella might bring the sparkle back to his life. After he drinks some alcohol, he is flying a plane to Playa Escondida and falls asleep, almost crashing the plane into Estrella, while at fishing. Estrella recognizes the author who made her love reading. Very excited, she decides to help the sailor, who at first does not accept Estrella into his heart, but with the tenderness of a humble fisherman, Victor Manuel is overcome with love for her.

However, problems begin to appear for Estrella. A wealthy but selfish man, León Parra-Ibáñez (Manuel Landeta), wants to build a hotel complex on her sunny village. To carry out his plans, he wants to have the town cleared. All the fishermen who live in Playa Escondida would have to leave. Unfortunately, this land belongs to Victor Manuel. León wants to buy the land that belongs to Victor Manuel. Therefore, he convinces his self-centered daughter Oriana (Mariana Seoane) to seduce Victor Manuel and convince him to sell the land to him.

Casilda returns to Playa Escondida. Full of anger and revenge toward those who hurt her, she attempts suicide by almost drowning herself, but some villagers rescue her. Now Estrella needs to work to cure her mother of these suicide thoughts. She wants to pay for therapy so her mother can get well. To make money, she comes to the house of León and begins to work as a secretary. León is struck with her beauty and wants her. This only makes Oriana hate Estrella more. León's relative, Guillermo, visits from time to time. He learns that Estrella is the daughter he abandoned years ago with her mother. Drowned in a deep depression, he admits to Estrella that is he who caused so much damage to Casilda, and therefore, her father. León has another daughter, Elena (Florencia del Saracho), who is kind and beautiful. Elena has fallen for a village boy, Salvador (Ramon Valdez). They see each other, but keep their relationship a secret from her father.

León is very jealous of Victor Manuel and wants Estrella for himself, so he pretends to be sleeping with a girl who looks like Estrella, while Victor Manuel watches. Thinking it's Estrella, Victor Manuel, in revenge, becomes entangled with Oriana before Estrella's eyes. Hurt and heartbroken by what she has seen, Estrella takes Casilda to Mexico City to cure her condition at the hospital. She avoids Victor Manuel and her father, who she still has a grudge against for leaving them.

Salvador has a sister who León has raped. She is going to have a baby, and is living with her current boyfriend. When Salvador finds out about this, he is outraged. He decided to get León back by making Elena pregnant. He takes her to a beach and making love with her.

Once in Mexico City, Estrella meets the psychiatrist Dr. Hernán Irazábal (Marcelo Córdoba), who falls in love with her. Victor Manuel learns that it was all a trap from León and decides to search for Estrella. But soon he encounters the woman that he fell in love in the past in Miami - Coral. Coral is found alive on the shore in Playa Escondida, without any memory. She doesn't even recognize Victor Manuel. He feels guilty about her situation, and decides to help by letting her stay in his mansion. In reality, Coral just wants to stay at his side to conquer and enjoy his wealth. Elena becomes pregnant and finds out that Salvador has tricked her. She is heartbroken for a while, but then falls in love with Victor Manuel's attorney, Marco Tilco Plaza (Mauricio Mejia).

Hernán helps Casilda heal while becoming good friends with Estrella, who begins to feel affection for him. Time passes, and Hernán helps to make Estrella a successful woman. Guillermo gives Estrella his inheritance, frustrating León and Oriana. Her mother Casilda, is cured of her disorder. Hernán begins to date with Estrella and helps her overcome her disappointment in Victor Manuel. Estrella is now in a big business and very happy. However, the past comes back haunt her. Victor Manuel can not stop looking at Estrella. Coral gets a tumor and will die in a few months. León is in hiding from the police. Hernán finds out about this and thinks he might lose Estrella if the two meet again. He tries to prevent them reuniting, but inevitably, their paths cross again. Estrella has changed though; and Victor Manuel is strapped to a deranged Coral. Meanwhile, León and Coral meet. They begin to see each other, and become friends throughout their mutual hate of Victor Manuel and Estrella. They are full of vengeance and ready to finish Estrella and Victor Manuel off. Throughout these months, Oriana begins to change. She sees that she was wrong to be so selfish and evil, and has a change of heart. She begins to love Santos (Arturo Carmona), who is a nice man that has always loved her. They have sex, and after a while, get married.

Victor Manuel begins to see Estrella again. One night, he gets in a fight with Hernán and after Hernán is found dead, Victor Manuel is the main suspect and is put in jail (In reality, Hernán was actually killed by his nurse). Estrella has an accidentally shot by León and falls down the stairs, while during at Oriana and Santos wedding. She cannot walk at the hospital, but begins to do therapy. Soon Victor Manuel is proven innocent and returns to be with Estrella. Once Victor Manuel is out and release from the jail there is nothing standing in the way of him and Estrella being together.

Victor Manuel takes Estrella to a romantic getaway for a day where they make love. León Barra-Ibanez later tries to kill Victor Manuel by locking him in a lions cage in the circus, but Coral comes along and locks León inside the lion cage too. Estrella finds them and helps Victor Manuel get out. León is killed by the lion. Coral has her arm and leg paralyzed because of the tumor, and she commits suicide in the sea. Only the true bond of love between Estrella and Victor Manuel may resist the intrigues of Coral, of revenge from León and the jealousy of Hernán. They end up together, and you see that love is indeed like the sea, but it is also warm and kind and gentle.


  • Zuria Vega Estrella (Star) Marina Briceño de Galíndez - daughter of Guillermo and Casilda, goddaughter of Aurora and Antonio, cousin of Oriana and Elenita, friends of Luz and El Mojarras, in love and married with Victor Manuel.
  • Mario Cimarro Víctor Manuel Galíndez - son of Luz, adopted father of Tilico, nephew of Luci, best friend of Oriana and Casilda, brother of Jorge and Lorenzo, in love and married with Estrella.
  • Erika Buenfil as Casilda de Briceño - mother of Estrella, aunt of Elenita, Jorge and Oriana, best friend of Aurora. In love and married with Guillermo.
  • Juan Ferrara as Guillermo Briceño - father of Estrella, uncle of Elenita, Jorge and Oriana. In love and married with Casilda.
  • Mariana Seoane as Oriana Parra-Ibáñez Briceño - sister of Elenita, and Jorge, cousin to Estrella, niece of Guillermo and Casilda, daughter of Leon, in love and married with Santos
  • Ninel Conde as Catalina "Coral" Mijares - daughter of El Mojarras, mother of Tilico, dedicated wife of Ricardo, in love with Victor Manuel, then with Santos, finally with Leon, becomes crazy,commits suicide.
  • Manuel Landeta as León Parra-Ibáñez - father of Oriana, Elenita and Jorge, brother-in-law of Guillermo, rivalry with Estrella, in love with Coral, morttally wounded by lions in circus in trap of Coral
  • Marcelo Córdoba as Dr. Hernán Irazabal - psychiatrist, in love with Estrella, rivalry with Victor Manuel, son of Luciana, friend of Federica. Killed by Mercedes
  • Norma Herrera as Violeta, Estrella's teacher.
  • Raquel Olmedo as Luz Garabán, mother of Lorenzo and Jorge and mother of Victor Manuel.
  • Sergio Reynoso as Antonio Ruiz, husband of Aurora, godfather of Estrella, father of Abril, Salvador and Esperanza
  • Ignacio López Tarso as El Mojarras, father of Coral, best friend of Estrella, and Victor Manuel, and grandfather of Tilico.
  • Georgina Salgado as Esperanza Ruiz, daughter of Antonio and Aurora, sister of Salvador, and Abril, mother of Maria del Mar, in love and married with Martin.
  • Florencia del Saracho as Elena "Elenita" Parra-Ibáñez Briceño, sister of Oriana and Jorge, cousin of Estrella, niece of Guillermo and Casilda, daughter of Leon, in love with Salvador and in love and married with Marco.
  • Rodrigo Nehme as Lorenzo Garabán, son of Luz, brother of Jorge and Victor Manuel, in love and marries Chom.
  • Ramon Valdez as Salvador Chava Ruiz, brother of Esperanza and Abril, son of Antonio and Aurora, in love and married with ??
  • Renata Notni as Carmen "Carmita" Bracho, daughter of Bracho, in love and married with Salvador.
  • Nicolás Mena as Jorge (George) Parra-Ibáñez Garaban, brother of Lorenzo, Victor Manuel, Elenita and Oriana, son of Luz, son of Leon.In love with Chom.Dies in storm.
  • María Sorté as Aurora de Ruiz, wife of Antonio, mother of Esperanza, Abril and Salvador, godmother of Estrella, and best friend of Casilda.
  • Adrián Martiñón as Martín, son of Mistica, in love and married with Esperanza, adopted her daughter Maria del Mar.
  • Arturo Carmona as Santos Nieves, in love with Oriana then in love with Coral, back in love with Oriana and marries Oriana, policeman.
  • Juan Ángel Esparza as Dr. Osvaldo (Oswald) Ascanio, in love with Mercedes
  • Javier Ruán as Bracho, father of Carmita
  • Toño Infante as Tiburón, father of Chom.Killed by Leon
  • Arlette Pacheco as Maura Larroja
  • Yuliana Peniche as Reyna, in love with Santos, scarred Oriana's face
  • Beatriz Monroy as Crisanta, mother of Roselia
  • Patsy as Lucia (Lucy) Galíndez, Aunt of Victor Manuel
  • Mar Contreras as Roselia, daughter of Crisanta, in love with Osvaldo then with Gustavo and married to Gustavo.
  • Oscar Feretti as Padre Zamorita - priest of Playa Escondida
  • Elizabeth Dupeyrón as Mística, mother of Martin, doesn't accept Esperanza and her daughter
  • Claudia Ortega as Silvia, friend of Estrella,pushed from balcony and killed by Leon
  • Gerardo Albarran as Roberto and Ricardo Oduver (Ricardo - twin brother of Roberto, policeman) (Roberto - husband of Coral; killed by Coral)
  • Victoria Diaz as Dr. Mercedes Acala, friend of Osvaldo, in love with Victor Manuel,Killed Hernan because he tried to rape her,ends in jail for 5 months
  • Amairani as Federica Martinez, friend of Hernan and Luciana - Antagonist getts arrested
  • Elsa Cardenas as Luciana de Irazabal, mother of Hernan and friend of Federica.
  • Mauricio Mejia as Marco Tulio Plaza, an Victor Manuel's attorney, in love and married with Elenita.
  • Marco Méndez as Dr. David Bermudez
  • Amor Flores as Chom, in love with Lorenzo then Jorge, and back with Lorenzo, married to Lorenzo.
  • Yirelka Yerladine as Transito - old maid of Leon, new maid of Estrella.
  • Claudia Silva as Ines Lombardo - Coral's nurse.Killed by Leon and Coral
  • Renata Flores as Simona, was Estrella's boss in the Factory - got fired, Maid for Luciana - got fired, Homeless then Accomplice of Leon.arrested
  • Ernesto Faxas as Gustavo, Victor Manuel's friend, in loved and Married to Roselia.
  • Aleyda Gallardo as Rita
  • Erick Fernando as Tilico Mijares, son of Coral, grandson of Mojarras, adopted son of Victor Manuel, best friend of Estrella and Abril
  • Evelyn Zavala as Abril Ruiz, sister of Esperanza and Salvador, daughter of Antonio and Aurora, best friend of Estrella and Tilico
  • Rosangela Balbo as Estefania Peralta
  • Queta Lavat as Alfonsina Zapata
  • Luis Bayardo as Juez Moncada
  • Juan Carlos Bonet as Abogado de Leon
  • Marius Biegai as Gerente Mia
  • Fernando Estrada as Dr. Angel Sanchez
  • Jaime Lozano as Lic. Espinoza
  • Sebastian Dopazo as Lic. Prado
  • Hugo Macias Macotela as Juez
  • Juan Ignacio Aranda as Fiscal
  • Rafael Origel as Secretario del Juez
  • Jose Antonio Ferral as Ministerio Publico
  • Esteban Franco as Abogado de Salvador


Country TV network(s) Series premiere Series end
 Croatia HRT 1 August 2010 March 2011
 Romania Acasa TV 2009 2010
 Macedonia MTM/Local channels 2012 2013
 Serbia RTV Pink June 28, 2010 January 20, 2011
 Estonia Kanal 2 2010 2010
 Uganda Bukedde TV 1 Nov. 2012
 Ghana TV3 Ghana 2010 2011
 Tanzania Template:Star TV 2012 2013


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