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Mara Djordjevic-Malagurski (Subotica, 20 December 1894 – Belgrade, 9 July 1971 ) was a Serbian-Bunjevac writer and ethnographer.

With Lazarus Stipić, librarian public library in Subotica, was one of the few prominent figures in the interwar Bunjevci and post-war period, which considered itself part of the Serbian people.


Mara Malagurski, as more female school students in Subotica (Subotica City Museum) was evolved out of Bunjevac Malagurski Curcic family. Her grandfather, Ice Malagurski, was the first president of the cultural association Bunjevci – itinerary Public Cassina, founded in 1878. Her father named Joseph and his mother Christina (born Stantic). Educated in Štrosmajerovo Institute in Djakovo, and then moved on to higher school for women in Subotica. In addition, she studied English in London.

When the Grand National Assembly held in Novi Sad (1918), was one of five women delegates, and one of the members of the delegation that Bunjevac opted for annexation of Vojvodina Kingdom of Serbia, and not the State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs. She married senator and professor Dragoslav Djordjevic in 1919. In the Beginning of 1929, she lives in Belgrade.

In Subotica was founded by Catholic Bunjevačko divojačko dilettante Society and Society ( 1911 ). In addition, she took part in the educational establishment Bunjevačke Heritage ( 1927 ), and as its first president organized exhibitions of folk crafts, theater and so on. She led Subotičanke to Belgrade to appear in costume in front of the royal family and the Radio Belgrade. She was a board member Circle of Serbian Sisters and secondary nut, and after the end of World War II, a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia.


His literary, ethnographic and other original works (before the 1918th g). Bunjevac has published the list of "Neven" under the pseudonym of Nevenka. [2]

Beginning in 1925 . was published in: Vardar, Zemljodilskom calendar, Literary north, Thought, Journal of the Yugoslav Association of Professors, newspapers and Bunjevački Bunjevačko calendar. She wrote a play Manda Vojnić and booklets on Bunjevac national costumes and customs.


For a story Đanino Vita was awarded SASA on competition Cvijete Zuzorić in 1928. She received the Order of St. Sava V level, White Eagle V level, the Russian Red Cross and the Cross in Paris Russian war veterans.


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