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Location of Maralal in Kenya

Maralal is a small hillside [[market town][1][2]] in northern Kenya, lying east of the Loroghi Plateau within the Samburu District. It is the administrative headquarters of the Samburu people. The town has an urban population of 16,281 (1999 census [[3]]). The market was pioneered by some Somali settlers in the 1920s.

Nearby is the Maralal Game Sanctuary. Maralal is also home to Kenyatta House, the location where Jomo Kenyatta was detained prior to his release. The town also serves as a base for tourist activities such as bush walking, whitewater rafting and camel riding. It is also known for camel racing and is surrounded by the Maralal National Sanctuary. The famous Maralal camel derby hosted by Yare Safaris is held here. This is a tourist friendly town with many cheap hotels and friendly people.

Coordinates: 1°06′N 36°42′E / 1.100°N 36.700°E / 1.100; 36.700


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