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Maranatha College was a seventh-day Sabbatarian Bible college located in Meridian, Idaho. Maranatha College's name derives from the New Testament phrase maranatha, meaning "behold, the Lord is coming". The purpose of Maranatha College was to train men and women for Christian ministries.

In 2004, Maranatha launched an online studies program that allowed students the opportunity to earn a Certificate of Ministry through distance learning methods. Currently, Maranatha College has students from the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean Islands. In 2005, Maranatha College held its first regional classes in Michigan, Missouri, and Idaho, sponsored a mission trip to Mexico, and opened an extension campus in Ghana, Africa.

Responding to the need to train Christians for the ministry, Maranatha planned to add Associate of Ministry and Bachelor of Ministry degrees. Its faculty consisted of scholars of theology and the Bible as well as veteran pastors. Maranatha College was administered by the General Council of the Churches of God, 7th Day (not to be confused with General Conference of the Church of God (Seventh-Day)).

The college is now defunct. Its website was last online in 2011, as seen in the Internet Archive.

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