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Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Agricultural University is an agricultural university at Parbhani in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It was established on May 18, 1972.[citation needed] The objectives of the university are education in agriculture and allied sciences, research based on regional needs and facilitate technology transfer, etc. It is the only agricultural university in India where all the branches of Agricultural Sciences are taught.

Funded and regulated by the (ICAR) Government of India, VNMAU is headed by professors Uday Khodke, Smita Khodke, Naadre, Srinivasan, Ramdas Bhattachary, Shinde, Laad, Solanki, Sawte, Visala Patnam and others.


The following colleges are affiliated to the Marathwada Agricultural University:[1]

  1. College of Agriculture, Parbhani (established in 1956)
  2. College of Food Technology, Parbhani (established in 1976)
  3. College of Home Science, Parbhani (established in 1976)
  4. College of Horticulture, Parbhani (established in 1984)
  5. College of Agricultural Engineering, Parbhani (established in 1986)
  6. College of Agriculture, Latur (established in 1987)
  7. College of Agriculture & Bio-Technology, Latur (established in 2006)
  8. College of Agriculture Business Management, Chakur, Latur (established in 2009)
  9. College of Agriculture, Osmanabad (established in 2000)
  10. College of Agriculture, Ambajogai (establishment in 2000)
  11. College of Agriculture, Badnapur (established in 2000)
  12. Aditya college of agriculture Engineering and Technology

Recently shri sharad chandra ji(NCP), union minister of Agriculture and food processing industry was Honored by DOCTRATE on 22 feb 2013 and DR. Krithi shingh vice chancellor of MCEAR was Honored by "KRISHI RATNA" for his work on Agriculture in India.


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