Marble Cave, Crimea

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A view inside the cave

Marble Caves (Russian: Мра́морная пещера, Ukrainian: Мармурова печера, Crimean Tatar: Mermer qobası, Мермер къобасы) is a cave in Crimea, at the lower plateau of Chatyr-Dag, mountainous massif. It is a popular tourist attraction.

In 1987, Simferopol speleology team discovered a cave with a complex system of halls and galleries, not far from other caves, Bin Bash-Koba (Thousand Heads) and Suuk-Koba (Cold).[1] The new cave, that lay at the altitude of 920 metres (3,020 ft) above sea level, was called Marble (initially also the name "Afghan" was used), due to the fact it was formed by marble limestone.[2] In 1988, center of speleology tourism Onyx-tour established sightseeing tours, concrete paths were laid, cave was as well equipped with lighting. Tour goes through Fairy Tales gallery, Tiger Path with hundreds of various stalactites, Reconstruction Room, that is the largest cave room of the Crimea and one of the largest equipped rooms in Europe with its length of 100 metres and height of 28 metres; Pink Room with stone roses covering the top of the room, Palace Hall with "Queen" and "King" columns, Hope Room and Balcony Room; a stalactite "forest" leads to the Luster Room. Dozens of precious "chandeliers" hang down from the ceiling by covered with corralite "flowers", some of them almost reach the floor. Here is the place where the speleotur ends, yet the cave has four more rooms: Landslide, Channel, Chocolate, and Geliktite. Due to its uniqueness, Marble Cave became famous worldwide. Speleologists consider it among the top five most beautiful caves of the planet, and it is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine.[3] It is one of the most visited caves in Europe, and in 1992 was included in the International Association of equipped caves.

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Coordinates: 44°47′49″N 34°16′43″E / 44.79694°N 34.27861°E / 44.79694; 34.27861