Marble Mountain-Trout Creek Hill

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Marble Mountain-Trout Creek Hill
West Crater LeeSiebert 107020.jpg
West Crater with associated lava flows
Elevation 492 to 4,521 ft (150 to 1,378 m)[1]
Location Skamania County, Washington,
United States
Range Cascade Range[2]
Coordinates 45°54′N 122°00′W / 45.9°N 122.0°W / 45.9; -122.0Coordinates: 45°54′N 122°00′W / 45.9°N 122.0°W / 45.9; -122.0[1]
Topo map USGS Bare Mountain
Type Volcanic field[3]
Age of rock less than 700,000 years[1]
Volcanic arc/belt Cascade Volcanic Arc[2]
Last eruption ~7,700 years BP[1]

Marble Mountain-Trout Creek Hill volcanic field (MMTC) is a volcanic field located in Washington, US.

Notable Vents[edit]

Name Elevation Coordinates Last eruption
Bare Mountain[1]      
Marble Mountain[1] 4,127 ft (1,258 m)    
Trout Creek Hill[3] 2,930 ft (893 m) 45°49′N 122°00′W / 45.817°N 122.000°W / 45.817; -122.000 ~340,000 years ago
West Crater[1][3] 4,360 ft (1,329 m) 45°53′N 122°05′W / 45.88°N 122.08°W / 45.88; -122.08 (West Crater) 5750 BC?

Trout Creek Hill[edit]

Trout Creek Hill is a small Pleistocene basaltic shield volcano in Washington, United States. It produced a lava flow about 340,000 years ago that traveled 20 km (12 mi) southeast, which dammed the Columbia River for a short period of time.[3]

West Crater[edit]

West Crater is a small andesitic lava dome with associated lava flows in southern Washington.[3]

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