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Marc Heal (born 20 February 1965)[citation needed] is an English musician. He is best known as an Industrial music artists of the 1990s and for mixing metal and techno with more traditional Industrial sounds. He was also noted for his extrovert behaviour, unusual in the generally downbeat Industrial genre.

His major brainchild was Cubanate, founded 1992 with Graham Rayner, along with Phil Barry and Steve Etheridge. Cubanate released four albums, the last one being released 1998.

Heal first surfaced supporting Gary Numan in 1987 with Westwon. Later, signed with Cubanate to legendary Chicago industrial label Wax Trax!, he also participated in several side projects like C-Tec (with Jean-Luc De Meyer from Front 242), and Ashtrayhead. During the 1990s he was also involved in game music with contributions to Command & Conquer, Wing Commander V and the best selling Sony PlayStation console game Gran Turismo. Heal has also collaborated with Martin Atkins, Rhys Fulber, Doug Martin, Julian Beeston (ex -Nitzer Ebb), Cobalt 60, and KMFDM (on their WWIII album, though apparently none of his contributions were used).

Since the end of Cubanate and the final C-Tec album in 2000, Heal retired from public performance and focused on production. He has not played live since a European tour with Fear Factory in 1999. He now runs The Fortress, a network of recording studios in London. He has also worked in television and is credited as the Executive Producer of the 2013 BBC World News documentary, "Changing Fortunes".

His more recent music production credits include the first single ("Thumper" 2000) for UK metallers Raging Speedhorn. Heal was also a collaborator on sometime KMFDM frontman Raymond Watts' Pigmartyr album (2004) and was credited on indie - pop act Rubicks "I See You" release - an NME Single Of The Week in November 2004.

On 8 June 2012 Heal revealed a demo version of "the first new PIG track in eight years" entitled Drugzilla (Rough As A Hog's Arse Mix) via Cubanate's Official Facebook page and providing their followers a link to his personal SoundCloud page. The link was reposted by Raymond Watts a few hours later.[1][2][3][4][5][6] A second demo entitled Shake was released on 15 July 2012; again via Heal's Soundcloud page, this time also noting Dan Abela as engineer.[7]

Personal life[edit]

Marc Heal studied politics at the University of Leicester, where he also edited the student newspaper, The Ripple between 1983 and 1984.

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