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Marc Holtzman (2015).

Marc Holtzman is Chairman of Kazkommertsbank (LSE: KKB:LI), Kazakhstan's largest private bank with a total market share of 24%. [1] Previously, Mr. Holtzman was Chairman of Meridian Capital HK, a private equity firm with investments in natural resources, real estate, food, agriculture and transportation. He currently resides in Hong Kong.


Prior to joining Meridian, Marc Holtzman served as Vice Chairman of Barclays Capital[2][3][4] and ABN Amro Bank. Marc Holtzman was co-founder and President of MeesPierson EurAmerica (a firm which was acquired by ABN Amro) and as Senior Adviser to Salomon Brothers, he lived and worked in Eastern Europe and Russia from September 1989 until October 1998.Prior to joining Meridian, Mr. Holtzman served as Vice Chairman of Barclays Capital and as Vice Chairman of ABN Amro Bank.

In addition, Mr. Holtzman currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of FTI Consulting[5] (NYSE); as a member of the Board of Directors of Bank of Kigali,[6] Rwanda's largest commercial bank; and as member of the Board of Directors of TeleTech[7][8] (NASDAQ:TTEC), a leading global provider of analytics-driven, technology-enabled customer engagement solutions.

Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa and Asia[edit]

Mr. Holtzman is widely recognized as a leading authority on economic and political developments in Eastern Europe and Russia. As a frequent guest lecturer, Mr. Holtzman has advocated the process of continued market reforms and democratization before audiences including the World Economic Forum and Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and has appeared as a guest on CNN, ABC News, Sky News, the British Broadcasting Corporation’s BBC World and CNBC among others.

To further assist with the development of Central Asia's financial sector, Mr. Holtzman was appointed in January 2007 by Kazakhstan's then Prime Minister Karim Massimov to serve on the Board of Directors of Kazyna---the nation's sovereign wealth fund from 2006---2008. In addition, Mr. Holtzman served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the United States Space Foundation from 2004---2010.

On August 29, 2005, in appreciation for his contribution to the development and improvement of relations between The Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan, then Prime Minister (and now President) Rustam Minnikhanov of Tatarstan awarded Mr. Holtzman the Russian Medal, In Commemoration of Millenary of Kazan.

Drawing on almost three decades of political and public service in the United States, Mr. Holtzman has developed close relationships with a wide range of leading governmental and political leaders around the world.[9] Former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski asked Mr. Holtzman to co-found and serve as a member of the Board of Directors of "Poland for Europe", a non-partisan, non-profit group which was instrumental in promoting Poland’s early entry into the European Union. On January 24, 1999, President Kwasniewski presented Mr. Holtzman with The Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit - Poland’s highest civilian honor for his service to the country.

University of Denver and Colorado Secretary of Technology[edit]

From 2003 through 2005 Mr. Holtzman was President of the University of Denver,[10] where he was responsible for the development of the Rocky Mountain Center for Homeland Security. The University of Denver has approximately 10,000 students and includes the Daniels College of Business which, during Holtzman’s tenure, was ranked by The Wall Street Journal as being among the world’s top fifty MBA programs.

Previously, Mr. Holtzman served in the Cabinet of former Governor Bill Owens as Colorado’s first Secretary of Technology.[11][12] In addition, Mr. Holtzman was Chairman of Colorado’s Information Management Commission and Co-Chairman of the Governor’s Commission on Science and Technology. Mr. Holtzman helped guide Colorado’s economic transformation into a fully diversified technology hub. During his tenure, Colorado was consistently ranked first among the fifty states in having the highest percentage of technology workers per thousand in the nation.


Marc Holtzman (2006).

Mr. Holtzman was co-founder of the Denver School for Science and Technology, a charter high school that claims the highest percentage of minority and under-privileged students of any charter high school in Colorado. Mr. Holtzman was instrumental in persuading The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to make the initial seed contribution and led the effort to fund the school.[13]

Mr. Holtzman and his wife Kristen are passionate about their work with the Point Foundation---a UK based charity which supports Rwandan orphans and is a longtime supporter and former Trustee of the Colorado Animal Rescue Shelter.

Mr. Holtzman also serves as a National Trustee of National Jewish Health - America's leading respiratory hospital.

Early career and education[edit]

Mr. Holtzman previously served as Executive Director of Citizens for America, former President Ronald Reagan’s national issues advocacy group.

In the 1980 Presidential campaign, Ronald Reagan appointed Mr. Holtzman Executive Director of his Pennsylvania campaign, the youngest person to ever run a state-wide campaign in a US presidential election.

In 1989, Mr. Holtzman was nominated by President Reagan to the Peace Corps National Advisory Council.[14] [15]

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Lehigh University.


Mr. Holtzman and his wife Kristen reside in Hong Kong with their two daughters and son.


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