Marc Lachaussée

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Portrait of Marc Lachaussée by François-André Vincent, painted in 1798

Marc Lachaussée (1765–1829) was a philosopher, writer and sociologist born in Northern France, Le Havre, Normandie.

Since his early life, Lachaussée wrote about all sort of controversial themes: French society, applied ethic, capital punishment and natural human rights as well.

He entered Université de Lyon at the age of 17 and became later the professor of minds like Victor Hugo, Adèle Foucher and Jean-Paul Marat.

After writing 46 essays, 9 novels, two romances and uncountable aesthetic articles to La Revue Celtique, he became a founding member of Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale.

He has become notable for his most famous statement: "Mais enfin, l'homme a-t-il ce pouvoir?", which means "Anyway, does the man have this right?".