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Marc Schmitz (born 1963 in Hamburg) is an artist and curator living in Berlin and Shanghai.

Life and education[edit]

Marc Schmitz studied Philosophy at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and at the FU in Berlin, Germany.


In his artistic practice Marc Schmitz is mostly interested in the openness of space. He uses a variety of media and materials (painting, installation, video). On the occasion of the Busan Biennial in South Korea (2004) Marc Schmitz developed a walk-in sculpture that allowed for a new and unusual experience of space within a vibrant environment. He received support by institutions as the Goethe Institute, the Art Council Korea, and the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. He was awarded with the first prize for Art For Expo 2000 World Expo in Hanover, Germany, and with the special prize of the jury at the 10th Cairo Biennial, and the Turgut Pura Art Prize at the Museum of Sculpture Izmir 2012, amongst others. In 2006 Marc Schmitz founded the Land Art Biennial in Mongolia, Land Art Mongolia LAM 360°(2010 / 2012).[1]

Artist statement[edit]

My recent projects have focused on fnding and interpreting unclaimed or contested public space(s), and on reading the importance of the spatial relationship to both personal and shared- cultural memory. The stories told in those contested spaces reveal alternate possibilities for the human experience – and particularly our experience of urban zones. My work is oriented toward the public realm, is collaborative more than it is ‘interactive,’ relies on ethnographic and art-historical research, and takes advantage of both contemporary and historical forms of artistic media.

Solo Exhibitions (selected)[edit]

  • 2014 Goethe Institut Hong Kong
  • 2013 Moproo Shanghai[2]
  • 2012 Galerie am Damm, Dresden
  • Museo de Arquitectura Leopold Rother, Bogotá
  • 2011 EDEN Galerie Kai Hilgemann, Berlin
  • 2010 Berlin Frames[3] - A Non Linear Perspective Perth Concert Hall, Australia[4]
  • 2009 Spaces N° 5, National Academy of Arts, Baku, Azerbaijan[5]
  • Geumgang Nature Art Biennial, Gongju museum, South Korea[6]
  • 2008 Zendai MOMA Shanghai[7]
  • 2006 Kai Hilgemann Gallery, Berlin - Spaces-
  • 2005 Ulaanbaatar project Spaces N° 2; Mongolia

Group Exhibitions (selected)[edit]

  • 2014 FACES & TRACES, Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai
  • 2013 Sculpture by the Sea, ARoS Kunstmuseum, Aarhus Denmark
  • Il Palazzo Eciclopedico, 55. Venice Biennale Swatch booth[8]
  • Avalanche, Galerie Seitz & Partner, Berlin
  • 2012 Creative Cities, Olympic Fine Arts, The Barbican Center, London
  • Turgut Pura Art Prize, Sculpture & Paintings Museum, Izmir, Turkey
  • Art Ignites Life, Hongqiao Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
  • 2011 Condensation, Museo Borgo di Clauiano, Trivignano, Italy
  • 2010 Land Art Biennial, Mongolia 360°[9] Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar
  • Art Center Koldo, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 2010[10]
  • 2007 10th International Cairo Biennale, Museum of Modern Art, Cairo Egypt
  • 2005 2nd Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing China
  • 2004 Busan Biennial, South Korea


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  • National Museum of China
  • Swatch Collection Shanghai
  • Klier & Ott Berlin
  • WSI N.Y.


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