Marcelo Tosatti

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Marcelo Tosatti
Marcelo Tosatti in Porto Alegre, April 2006.
Born 1983 (age 30–31)
Curitiba, Brazil
Occupation Software Engineer
Employer Red Hat[citation needed]

Marcelo Wormsbecker Tosatti is a Software Engineer working as a Linux kernel developer. He became the maintainer of the stable 2.4 kernel series in November 2001 when he was 18 years old, replacing Alan Cox.[1] He released stable version 2.4.16 on November 26, and ultimately passed on maintainership for the 2.4 kernel series to Willy Tarreau on July 27, 2006 following the release of 2.4.33-rc3.[2]

He was brought up in Curitiba, Brazil and worked for Conectiva for six years, during which time he became involved in kernel programming. In July 2003 he moved to Porto Alegre where he was working for Cyclades Corporation.[3] Since May 2006, Marcelo is working for Red Hat[citation needed].

As of Linux kernel 3.7.0, Tosatti is listed as a co-maintainer of Kernel-based Virtual Machine with Gleb Natapov[citation needed].


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