March of the Dinosaurs

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"March of the Dinosaurs" is also a song on the album "The Dinosaur Record".
March of the Dinosaurs
Directed by Matthew Thompson
Produced by Mike Davis
Assisant Producer
Alexandra Revill
Executive Producers
Jasper James
Pauline Duffy
Elliot Halpern
Written by Matthew Thompson
Jasper James
Narrated by Stephen Fry
Music by Mark Russell
Editing by Matt Platts-Mills
Release dates
  • 27 May 2011 (2011-05-27)
Running time 85 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

March of the Dinosaurs is a CGI film which has appeared on television and was released on DVD on 27 May 2011. It was made by Impossible Pictures, the same company that created the Walking with... series and Prehistoric Park. Set 70 million years ago in the Cretaceous in North America, the film follows the journey of a young Edmontosaurus named Scar and his herd as they migrate south for the winter. This film depicts recent findings about Dinosaurs, such as Tyrannosaurs with feathers and hunting packs, dinosaurs in the snow and migrating.

It shows a 1000-mile autumn migration of Edmontosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus from their summer grazing in northwest Canada (then well inside the Arctic Circle, so that the winter night and summer day were each 4 months long) to their winter grazing in the south-west USA, and the young Troodon which had to stay and endure the Arctic winter. The hazards met are land and water predators, an Arctic blizzard, thin ice, crossing a foodless volcanic wasteland, a lahar, and a wide river inhabited by predators. All the scenery and vegetation are CGI.

The DVD says that this is inspired by recent dinosaur fossil discoveries in the Canadian Arctic, and that the Arctic CGI trees are modelled on Sequioa.


The film begins on a summer's day in Northern Canada (inside the Arctic Circle) with a herd of Edmontosaurus and an Edmontonia feeding on the lush vegetation that grows all around them. Scar, a young male Edmontosaurus, enjoy his life in the Arctic forests with his extended family, he comes across a young immature male Troodon named Patch, who has been feasting on baby Edmontosaurus all summer, but now they're too big for him and so he's having a tough time catching prey. The plentiful food for Scar is ending as well, as the dark, cold Arctic winter is approaching.


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