Marco Huck

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Marco Huck
Marco Huck 2008.jpg
Real name Muamer Hukić
Nickname(s) Käpt'n Huck
Rated at Cruiserweight
Height 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in)
Reach 185 cm (73 in)
Nationality German
Born (1984-11-11) 11 November 1984 (age 29)
Sjenica, Serbia
Boxing record
Total fights 40
Wins 37
Wins by KO 26
Losses 2
Draws 1

Marco Huck (born 11 November 1984) is a German professional boxer. He is fighting in the cruiserweight division where he is the current WBO cruiserweight champion.


Muamer started Taekwondo and kickboxing at the age of ten. As an amateur kickboxer he had some success winning a gold medal at first the W.A.K.O European championships in 2002 and then at the same organizations world championships in 2003 at the age of 18. Despite success in Full-Contact kickboxing he decided to switch completely to boxing, having also participated in the sport since he was 15.[1]

In the build-up he bested amateur stars Michael Simms and Claudio Rîşco and had his first major fight against contender (rated in the Ring Magazine) Pietro Aurino. In a typical wild affair he was butted by the Italian and kicked him in the stomach in return. When he wasn't disqualified the Italian stormed out of the ring in disgust and was declared loser. Right afterwards he outpointed another world class fighter in undefeated (23–0) contender Vadim Tokarev this time without controversy. He was rated No. 7 by the Ring Magazine when he fought Steve Cunningham, however Huck was knocked out by Cunningham in his first title defense.[citation needed]

After the loss to Cunningham he has since won six straight fights by knockout. On March 13, 2010, Huck won the WBO Cruiserweight title from Victor Emilio Ramírez. He has since defended this title eight times against Ola Afolabi, Adam Richards, Brian Minto, Matt Godfrey, Denis Lebedev, Ran Nakash, Hugo Garay and Rogelio Omar Rossi.[citation needed]

One day before Huck's WBA heavyweight championship fight with Alexander Povetkin he is reported to have received a death threat. A letter was received by Sauerland Events addressed to Huck that read “Now you are hunted for along as it takes for us to get you. Also your family is in great danger. We are finally fed up with your boasting.” The letter also mentions Huck’s expensive Berlin villa, threatens Huck’s trainer Ulli Wegner and warns the Serbia-born Huck to “go back to where you came from.” Huck told BILD, “I’m not afraid of anything or anyone, but I’m worried about my family.” Sauerland had to increase security measures surrounding the fight.[2]


Pro Boxing

  • 2009–present WBO Cruiserweight Champion (11 title defences)
  • 2008–09 European Cruiserweight Champion (3 title defences)
  • 2007 IBF Inter-Continental Cruiserweight Champion
  • 2006–07 European Union Cruiserweight Champion (1 title defence)

Amateur Kickboxing

Professional Record[edit]

37 Wins (26 knockouts), 2 Losses, 1 Draw
Result Record Opponent Type Rd., Time Date Location Notes
N/A N/A Italy Mirko Larghetti N/A - (12) 2014-08-30 Germany Defending WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 37–2–1 Germany Firat Arslan TKO 6 (12) 2014-01-25 Germany Stuttgart Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 36–2–1 United Kingdom Ola Afolabi MD 12 2013-06-08 Germany Berlin Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 35–2–1 Germany Firat Arslan UD 12 2012-11-03 Germany Halle Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Draw 34–2–1 United Kingdom Ola Afolabi SD 12 2012-05-05 Germany Erfurt Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Loss 34–2 Russia Alexander Povetkin MD 12 2012-02-25 Germany Stuttgart For WBA Heavyweight title.
Win 34–1 Argentina Rogelio Omar Rossi KO 6 (12) 2011-10-22 Germany Ludwigsburg Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 33–1 Argentina Hugo Garay TKO 10 (12) 2011-07-16 Germany Munich Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 32–1 Israel Ran Nakash UD 12 2011-04-02 Germany Halle Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 31–1 Russia Denis Lebedev UD 12 2010-12-18 Germany Berlin Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 30–1 United States Matt Godfrey TKO 5 (12), 2:18 2010-08-21 Germany Erfurt Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 29–1 United States Brian Minto RTD 9 (12) 2010-05-01 Germany Oldenburg Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 28–1 United States Adam Richards KO 3 (12), 2:30 2010-03-13 Germany Berlin Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 27–1 United Kingdom Ola Afolabi UD 12 2009-12-05 Germany Ludwigsburg Retained WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 26–1 Argentina Victor Emilio Ramírez UD 12 2009-08-29 Germany Halle Won WBO Cruiserweight title.
Win 25–1 Ukraine Vitaliy Rusal TKO 5 (12), 2:58 2009-05-09 Germany Bamberg Retained EBU (European) Cruiserweight title.
Win 24–1 Belgium Geoffrey Battelo TKO 3 (12), 2:57 2009-01-24 Germany Riesa Retained EBU (European) Cruiserweight title.
Win 23–1 Italy Fabio Tuiach TKO 2 (12), 2:22 2008-10-25 Germany Oldenburg Retained EBU (European) Cruiserweight title.
Win 22–1 France Jean Marc Monrose TKO 12 (12), 1:17 2008-09-20 Germany Bielefeld Won EBU (European) Cruiserweight title.
Win 21–1 Slovenia Frantisek Kasanic TKO 9 (12), 2:52 2008-05-17 Germany Bayreuth Won vacant IBF Inter-Continental Cruiserweight title.
Win 20–1 Zambia Leon Nzama TKO 5 (8), 1:06 2008-04-12 Germany Neubrandenburg
Loss 19–1 United States Steve Cunningham TKO 12 (12), 1:56 2007-12-29 Germany Bielefeld For IBF Cruiserweight title.
Won 19–0 Russia Vadim Tokarev UD 12 2007-05-26 Germany Bamberg IBF Cruiserweight title eliminator.
Won 18–0 Morocco Ismail Abdoul UD 12 2007-01-20 Switzerland Basel Retained EBU-EU (European Union) Cruiserweight title.
Won 17–0 Italy Pietro Aurino TKO 2 (12), ?:?? 2006-12-16 Germany Kempten Won EBU-EU (European Union) Cruiserweight title.
Won 16–0 France Rachid El Hadak KO 8 (8), 2:24 2006-09-23 Germany Wetzlar
Won 15–0 Albania Nuri Seferi UD 10 2006-06-03 Germany Hannover
Won 14–0 United Kingdom Lee Swaby RTD 6 (8) 2006-03-04 Germany Oldenburg
Won 13–0 Romania Claudio Rîşco KO 7 (8), 2:15 2006-01-28 Germany Berlin
Won 12–0 United States Michael Simms UD 8 2005-12-17 Germany Berlin
Won 11–0 Germany Ruediger May UD 10 2005-09-03 Germany Berlin
Won 10–0 Georgia (country) Leri Okhanashvili TKO 2 (8), ?:?? 2005-07-02 Germany Hattersheim am Main
Won 9–0 United States Tipton Walker TKO 2 (8), 1:50 2005-06-11 Germany Kempten
Won 8–0 Slovenia Stefan Kusnier KO 1 (6), ?:?? 2005-05-21 Poland Zdzieszowice
Won 7–0 Germany Muhammed Ali Durmaz TKO 4 (6), ?:?? 2005-04-23 Germany Dortmund
Won 6–0 Latvia Aleksandrs Borhovs TKO 4 (6), ?:?? 2005-03-12 Germany Zwickau
Won 5–0 Czech Republic Ervin Slonka TKO 4 (6), 1:23 2005-01-15 Germany Berlin
Won 4–0 Czech Republic Tomas Mrazek TKO 3 (6), ?:?? 2004-12-18 Germany Bayreuth
Won 3–0 Poland Wlodek Kopec TKO 1 (4), 2:26 2004-12-04 Germany Berlin
Won 2–0 Czech Republic Pavel Zima TKO 1 (4), 1:48 2004-11-20 Germany Kempten
Won 1–0 Czech Republic Pavel Cirok TKO 1 (4), ?:?? 2004-11-07 Germany Nuremberg Professional debut at Cruiserweight.


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Preceded by
Victor Emilio Ramírez
WBO Cruiserweight Champion
August 29, 2009–present