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Marcus Atius Balbus (105 BC – 51 BC) was a first-century Roman who served as a praetor in 62 BC and became governor of Sardinia.

Early life[edit]

Balbus was born and raised in Aricia into a political family and was the son and heir of the elder Marcus Atius Balbus (148 BC – 87 BC). His mother was Pompeia the sister to consul Gnaeus Pompeius Strabo, father of the triumvir Pompey.

The family of the elder Balbus came from a Roman senatorial family of plebs status from Aricia (modern Ariccia, Italy). "Balbus" in Latin means stammer.


Under Caesar in 59 BC, Balbus was appointed along with Pompey to a board of commissioners under Julian Law to divide estates in Campania among the commoners. Cicero stated that Pompey would say as a joke about Balbus, that he was not a person of any importance.

Personal life[edit]

He married Julia Minor, second eldest sister of the dictator Gaius Julius Caesar. Julia bore him three daughters and they were:


The younger Balbus died in 51 BC.

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