Marcus Malone

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Marcus Malone
Genres Latin rock, Chicano rock, psychedelic rock
Instruments Latin percussion and congas
Years active (1966–1969) (2013-present)
Labels Columbia
Associated acts Santana

Marcus "The Magnificent" Malone is a percussionist and original member of the Latin rock band Santana.


Santana was formed in 1967 in San Francisco with Malone playing as the bands percussionist, specializing in Latin instruments. Originally known as Carlos Santana Blues Band, the band found little success in the music scene until they were announced as performers at the upcoming Woodstock and began work on their debut Santana. However, by this point, Malone had already been convicted of a DUI resulting in manslaughter and had started serving his sentence in San Quentin.

Since his release, Marcus Malone had been living on the streets of Oakland until being tracked down and identified by a TV reporter in 2013. Malone and Carlos Santana subsequently had an emotional reunion and the former is set to once again play as a percussionist in Santana's upcoming album Santana IV

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