Marder (submarine)

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TVA Marder.JPG
Marder on display at the Bundeswehr Military History Museum
General characteristics
Length: 8.3 m

The Marder was a German miniature submarine developed from the Neger.[1] The craft was 8.3 metres long and unlike the Neger included a flooding tank in the nose allowing it to dive.[1] Another improvement was the dome through which the pilot viewed the outside world that also served as the craft’s entrance and exit was made openable from the inside.[1] Maximum diving depth was about 25 metres.[2]

The submarine’s first operations took place on the night of August 2, 1944, when Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine's Small Battle Units made their largest effort of the war. 58 human torpedoes[3] of the Neger-type and 22 Linse vessels were launched against allied shipping off Normandy as part of a combined operation with Negers and explosive Linse boats.[1] One Royal Navy destroyer escort, HMS Quorn (L66) was sunk by a human torpedo along with one mineweeper, the HMS Gairsay and one Landing Craft by the German motor-boats; at a cost of 41 Neger and 22 Linsen craft.[3]


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