Mare Spumans

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Mare Spumans
Mare Spumans
Coordinates 1°06′N 65°06′E / 1.1°N 65.1°E / 1.1; 65.1Coordinates: 1°06′N 65°06′E / 1.1°N 65.1°E / 1.1; 65.1
Diameter 139 km[1]
Eponym Foaming Sea
Oblique view of Mare Undarum (foreground) and Mare Spumans (upper right), facing south, from Apollo 17

Mare Spumans (from Latin: foaming sea) is a lunar mare located just south of Mare Undarum on the lunar near side. It is one of the many elevated lakes contained in the Crisium basin, surrounding Mare Crisium. The surrounding basin material is of the Nectarian epoch, while the mare basalt being of the Upper Imbrian epoch. The crater Apollonius W is located on the western rim of the mare. This crater is white and surrounded by a well-defined ray system.


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