Maren Juel

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Maren Juel.

Maren Juel (18 March 1749 – 20 February 1815) was a Norwegian landowner, regarded as the wealthiest woman in Norway at her time.

She was born in Christiania as the daughter of timber trader and civil servant Hans Juel and Else Sophie Dorothea Rasch. She was the sister of Jacob Juel. In 1771 she was married to landowner Peder Holter, who was regarded the wealthiest man in Norway. They had no children, and after her husband's death in 1786 she took care of the properties herself. These included the estates Hafslund, Borregaard, Stubljan, Hvitebjørn and Losby. In 1791 she married civil servant Ole Christopher Wessel. Wessel died in 1794. In 1796 Juel married Marcus Gjøe Rosenkrantz, later member of the Parliament of Norway and Government Minister.[1][2]


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