Marganit Tower

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Marganit Tower
Marganit Tower, 2010
General information
Status Complete
Type Offices
Location Tel Aviv, Israel
Coordinates 32°4′31″N 34°47′18″E / 32.07528°N 34.78833°E / 32.07528; 34.78833Coordinates: 32°4′31″N 34°47′18″E / 32.07528°N 34.78833°E / 32.07528; 34.78833
Opening 1987
Antenna spire 138 m (453 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 17
Design and construction
Architect ASSA Architects

The Marganit Tower is a skyscraper located in HaKirya, Tel Aviv, Israel. Completed in 1987, the building is 138 meters in height, although most of this is due to its "finger", a concrete mast with antennas and other transmission equipment. As such, it only has 17 floors. Now Israel's twelfth tallest building, upon completion it was the country's second tallest building. It was designed by ASSA Architects.

Marganit Tower is slanted 28 cm to the right-hand side, a fact that was discovered in the middle of construction on April 5, 1989. Construction work continued after the checkup and approval of the tower's engineers.[1]

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