Margaret Ann Neve

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Margaret Ann Neve
Margaret Neve 110.jpg
Born Margaret Ann Harvey
(1792-05-18)18 May 1792
St. Peter Port, Guernsey
Died 4 April 1903
(aged 110 years, 321 days)
Known for First recorded female supercentenarian. Being the only known supercentenarian born in the 18th century to live to the 20th century, being the first supercentenarian to live in three centuries.

Margaret Ann Neve, née Harvey (18 May 1792 – 4 April 1903) of St. Peter Port, Guernsey, English Channel was the first recorded female supercentenarian.


As a child, Neve survived a fall down the stairs, which left her concussed for three days.[1] Neve could remember the turmoil that the French Revolution brought to Guernsey. In 1807, Neve set sail for Weymouth with her father, but a storm caused the ship to land at Chesil Beach. She was educated in Bristol, England, gaining an interest in literature and poetry. Neve met with Charles François Dumouriez, a general of the French Revolutionary Wars, who dubbed her la spirituelle.[2] She married John Neve in 1823 in England, but returned to Guernsey in 1849 after his death.[3] Neve travelled abroad to various countries with her sister, who died aged 98. Their last trip was in 1872, when they visited Cracow (then in Austria-Hungary, now in Poland).[3] Her mother lived to the age of 99.[1] She was the oldest living person before her death at age 110 years 321 days and also the oldest person at that point, with the possible exception of earlier cases for which the evidence is questionable, among them the disputed case of Thomas Peters. Either way, she was surpassed by Louisa Thiers in 1925, though she is still the oldest one of two supercentenarians from the Channel Islands, along with Ethel Wood, and one of the few recorded persons who lived in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Margaret died peacefully on 4 April 1903.

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Preceded by
Geert Adriaans Boomgaard
Oldest verified person ever
1 October 1902 – 19 August 1925
Succeeded by
Louisa Thiers