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For Heinrich Himmler's wife, see Margarete Himmler.

Margaret A. Boden, OBE, (born 26 November 1936)[1] is a researcher in the fields of artificial intelligence, psychology, philosophy, cognitive and computer science. Currently Research Professor of cognitive science at the Department of informatics at the University of Sussex, Boden was the founding-Dean of the university's School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences (COGS), precursor of the university's current Department of Informatics. Educated at Newnham College, Cambridge, where she took first class honors in medical sciences and in the history of modern philosophy, she later earned a Ph.D. in social psychology in 1968 from Harvard University.[2]

Her book Mind As Machine generated controversy with Noam Chomsky.[3]

In April 2004, Boden was awarded an Honorary Degree by the Open University as Doctor of the University.

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