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Margaret Green Junior High School (MGJH) is a public school in Cleveland, Mississippi, with about 500 students in grades 6 through to 8. It also has a star program for grades 7 and 8 with 26 students in each grade.

The school is named after Margaret Green, a former student.[citation needed] MGJH opened in 1956. It has had only two principals, the first being R. F. Stevens.

Student organizations[edit]

There are several student organizations.[1]

Student council

The student council consists of two students from each grade that work with the teachers and principals to achieve goals for the students. Students on the council are elected by other students.

Science Bowl

7th and 8th grade students are selected by Mathematics and Science teachers to participate in the annual Science Bowl.

National Junior Honor Society

Students are selected for all A's.


FCA stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes, although anyone can join in a morning, weekly devotional.


Band students are chosen and if they choose stay in the program, they can go on to the Cleveland High School Band.

Science Club

Started by Diamond Spiller in 2014, with Coach Harris as the sponsor. Students can join, but must be willing to work. So far three recycling bins have been made.


Students can join any of five sports. The sports are Football (boys), Soccer, Dance (girls), Cheerleading(girls), and Basketball.[2]


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