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Margaret Johnson was an American blues and early jazz vocalist and pianist.

Johnson's primary era of recording activity as a vocalist was 1925-1927. Prior to this, she had worked in vaudeville. She recorded with harmonica player Bobby Leecan and guitarist Robert Cooksey, playing country blues; she also did several recordings with New Orleans jazz ensembles which included Sidney Bechet, Clarence Williams, Louis Armstrong, Bubber Miley, and Tom Morris. She and Williams also played with the Jazz Rippers, Buddy Christian's ensemble, though Williams was not credited and Johnson was listed under the name Margaret Carter. Her songs were often humorous and sexually suggestive in tone.

After the late 1920s she ceased to record as a vocalist. Margaret Johnson, the jazz/blues singer, is not to be confused with "Countess" Margaret Johnson, a child prodigy on piano who accompanied Billie Holiday, Lester Young, and most of the jazz greats of the 30s. Johnson, the pianist, was born 1919 in Chanute, Kansas and moved to Kansas City in the early 30s. As a young teenager her style was compared to Mary Lou Williams. In fact, she replaced Williams for a time in New York. Her piano style is tasteful and according to those who heard her live, effortless. [1]

Most of Johnson's 1920s sides were reissued on CD by Document Records.


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