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Margaret Nagle
Margaret Nagle.jpg
WGA Award Winner
Occupation screenwriter, television producer
Notable awards Writers Guild of America Award

Margaret Nagle (born January 12, 1969) is a screenwriter and television producer. She has been nominated for two Emmy Awards and won two Writers Guild of America Awards. Her first script, HBO's Warm Springs received a record-breaking 16 Emmy nominations and won five Emmys in 2005, including the Award for Best Television Movie. It also won the 2006 Writers Guild of America Award for Long Form Original Screenplay. Nagle's screenplay for the 2014 film "The Good Lie" received The Paul Selvin Award from the Writer's Guild of America. Nagle also received a 2011 Writer's Guild Award for her work on Boardwalk Empire.


Nagle wrote the script for The Good Lie, released in 2014, a movie about the Lost Boys of Sudan, It premiered at 2014 Toronto Film Festival where it received the longest standing ovation in the history of the festival. It was released in 2014 by Warner Brothers.[1] The Good Lie received an A+ rating from CinemaScore one of a handful of films ever to receive that high a rating. Through the movie has been raising money for humanitarian aid for South Sudan. Nagle recently received the 2015 Jonathan Daniels Award named for the slain civil rights worker who was working with MLK from the Monadnock International Film Festival celebrating the fusion of great artistic merit and social awareness.[2] Nagle received the prestigious 2015 Paul Selvin Award from the Writers Guild of America. The award is given each year to the WGA member whose script best embodies the spirit of the constitutional and civil rights and liberties that are indispensable to the survival of free writers everywhere and to which Selvin devoted his professional life.[3]

A former actress, Nagle appeared in the cult-hit My So-Called Life as the beleaguered biology teacher Ms. Chavatal. Bruce Weber in his New York Times review of the show wrote, "Watch out for the faculty members, each astutely idiosyncratic. I especially liked the hopelessly perky science teacher, played by Margaret Nagle, whose style is to lead the class to answers they have no interest in giving: "An experiment must test a what? A hypothesis. And a hypothesis consists of several . . . ? Anybody?"[4]

Nagle's movie Warm Springs about FDR's dealing with polio was a critical success for HBO. It won the Emmy for Best Movie in 2006.

Nagle wrote two episodes for Season One of HBO's Boardwalk Empire: "Broadway Limited"[5] and "Anastasia". She was a supervising producer on season one and season two of the show.

Nagle's other work includes the Lifetime show Side Order of Life in 2007. She also wrote a CBS 2009 television pilot, The Eastmans, a medical show centered around a complicated family of doctors.[citation needed]

Nagle wrote the 2014 pilot for American television of The Red Band Society for Fox with Amblin TV based on the Catalan TV series of the same name (Polseres vermelles).[6] Nagle created 8 new characters along with keeping several and wrote the pilot. Although critically acclaimed and beloved by fans the show did not receive high enough ratings to continue after 13 episodes. It starred Academy Award winning actress Octavia Spencer, Charlie Rowe and Ciara Bravo.

Nagle's script for The Goree Girls is being produced in 2015 by Bron, Kristin Hahn and Jennifer Aniston. Based on a Texas Monthly article by Skip Hollandsworth about the first all female country western band that was started in a Texas prison.[7]


Nagle is named after her great aunt, the modern dance pioneer Margaret Newell H'Doubler, Nagle's matriarchal lineage reaches back to the House of Plantagenet. Nagle, who has a brother with a brain injury from a car accident, is actively involved in furthering rights and visibility for people with disabilities. Nagle recently received the Media Access Award from the Writers Guild of America for through her work "doubling the number" of people on network TV with disabilities. Her acceptance speech at the 9 am award show was a highlight.[8] Nagle has also been raising money for Humanitarian Aid for South Sudan by appearing at screenings of The Good Lie on behalf of Concern, UNICEF, RefugePoint and other organizations.[9]


  • Won 2015 Writers Guild of America Paul Selvin Award for The Good Lie.[10]
  • Won 2015 Jonathan Daniels Award from the Monadnock International Film Festival for The Good Lie.[11]
  • Won 2014 Writers Guild of America Evan Somers Media Access Award for body of work.[12]
  • Won Writers Guild of America Award for Best New Show 2011 for Boardwalk Empire.
  • Won the Television Academy Honors 2007 award for One hour Series writing/producing for "Side Order of Life"along with Dick Wolf for "Law and Order" and David Kelley for "Boston Legal."
  • Won the Writers Guild Award for Best Original Television Movie 2006 for Warm Springs.
  • Nominated for the Emmy Award for Best One Hour Series for Television 2011 for Boardwalk Empire.
  • Nominated for the Emmy Award for Best Writing of a Television Movie 2005 for Warm Springs.
  • Nominated for the Humanitas Award in 2006 for Warm Springs.
  • Nominated for the Pen Award 2006 for Best TV movie for Warm Springs.


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