Margaret Thatcher (Due South)

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Margaret Thatcher
Due South character
Thatcher in season 2
First appearance Vault
Last appearance Call of the Wild
Portrayed by Camilla Scott
Nickname(s) Meg
Gender Female
Occupation RCMP Inspector
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Religion Unknown
Nationality Canadian

Inspector Margaret Thatcher is a fictional character in the television series Due South. She is an inspector of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who works in the American city of Chicago, Illinois. The character is portrayed by Canadian actress Camilla Scott.


Thatcher shares her name with the former British Prime Minister, and seems to prefer "Meg" to her full name. She transferred from Ottawa to the Canadian consulate in Chicago at the beginning of the second season. Following protocol, she pulled all of Constable Benton Fraser's files, resulting in a rather negative initial opinion of him. Throughout the season, Fraser was often called upon to retrieve her clothing from the dry cleaners, to drive her to various formal functions, and to perform other menial tasks better suited to an administrative assistant. Her love of city living clashed with Fraser's love for the Canadian wilderness, a difference she managed to accept only after several years and an impending transfer away from Chicago.

Thatcher eventually fell in love with Fraser and often became flustered in his presence. He reciprocated her feelings (usually expressed through the phrase, "Red suits you."), though he was never demonstrative until the events of "All the Queen's Horses". The two shared a passionate kiss on top of a moving train filled with explosives before engaging a group of domestic terrorists. They kissed again in "Mountie on the Bounty, Part 2", though it is unclear whether this was a daydream or an actual romantic encounter. They kissed one last time in the series finale, "Call of the Wild, Part 2". However, the kiss was shown only in the original Canadian airing and has been cut out of subsequent airings and DVD releases. She once asked him to help her adopt a child, though he misinterpreted her request as one to father a child with her. They parted ways at the end of the series, with Thatcher taking a post in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. She is shown standing behind Saddam Hussein amongst other Iraqi military officers. In voiceover, Fraser implies that she has a hand in destabilizing Hussein's regime.

Thatcher has hinted that more than one male superior has propositioned her in the past, offering professional gain in exchange. She has always rejected these offers; she once bluntly rebuffed RCMP counsel Henri Cloutier, who called her his protégée ("We are the Eggmen").

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