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Margaret Wild is an Australian author. She was born in 1948 in Eschew, a small town in South Africa, and came to Australia in 1972. She now lives in Sydney. Before becoming a full-time writer, Margaret was a journalist for newspapers and magazines and then she worked for sixteen years as a book editor in children's publishing. Margaret has written more than 40 books for children. Her books are published around the world and have won numerous awards.

Margaret's books explore a diverse range of themes but she is particularly noted for exploring issues of identity, trust, and death. Let the Celebrations Begin focused on the imminent release of Jewish prisoners from a German concentration camp, while in The Very Best of Friends the death of a farmer prompts his widowed wife to find the love to care for their respective pets, a cat and dog, equally. Fox, illustrated by Ron Brooks using the colours of the Australian landscape, is a powerful story about betrayal.

Recently Margaret has published two verse novels, One Night and Jinx. These books investigate the trials and anxieties faced by teenagers coping with school, relationships and growing up.

Published works[edit]

Picture Books[edit]

  • The Bush Book Club, illustrated by Ben Wood (2014)
  • The Treasure Box, illustrated by Freya Blackwood (2013)
  • Tanglewood, illustrated by Vivienne Goodman (2012)
  • Vampyre, illustrated by Andrew Yeo (2011)
  • Puffling, illustrated by Julie Vivas (2009)
  • Harry & Hopper, illustrated by Freya Blackwood (2009)
  • The Pocket dogs go on holiday, illustrated by Stephen Michael King (2008)
  • Piglet and Papa, illustrated by Stephen Michael King (2007)
  • Woolvs in the Sitee, illustrated by Anne Spudvilas (2006)
  • Chatterbox, illustrated by Deborah Niland (2006)
  • The Bilbies of Bliss, illustrated by Noela Young (2005)
  • The Little Crooked House, written with illustrator Jonathan Bentley (2005)
  • Hop, Little Hare!, illustrated by Peter Shaw (2005)
  • Piglet and Mama, illustrated by Stephen Michael King (2005)
  • Farmer Fred's Cow, illustrated by David Waller (2004)
  • Seven More Sleeps, illustrated by Donna Rawlins (2004)
  • Kiss, Kiss!, illustrated by Bridget Strevens-Marzo (2003)
  • Little Humpty, illustrated by Ann James (2003)
  • Baby Boomsticks, illustrated by David Legge (2003)
  • Mr Moo, illustrated by Jonathon Bentley (2002)
  • Jenny Angel, illustrated by Anne Spudvilas (2002)
  • The House of Narcissus, illustrated by Wayne Harris (2001)
  • The Pocket Dogs, illustrated by Stephen Michael King (2001)
  • The Midnight Feast, illustrated by Ann James (2001)
  • Midnight Babies, illustrated by Ann James (2001)
  • Nighty Night!, illustrated by Kerry Argent (2001)
  • Fox, illustrated by Ron Brooks (2000)
  • Tom Goes to Kindergarten, illustrated by David Legge (2000)
  • Miss Lily's Fabulous Pink Feather Boa, illustrated by Kerry Argent (1999)
  • Old Pig, written with illustrator Ron Brooks (1999)
  • Our Granny, illustrated by Julie Vivas (1998)
  • Rosie and Tortoise, illustrated by Ron Brooks (1998)
  • First Day, illustrated by Kim Gamble (1998)
  • Bim Bam Boom!, illustrated by Wayne Harris (1998)
  • Big Cat Dreaming, illustrated by Anne Spudvilas (1997)
  • The Midnight Gang, illustrated by Ann James (1997)
  • Remember Me, illustrated by Dee Huxley (1995)
  • Beast, (1995)
  • Mr. Nick's Knitting, illustrated by Dee Huxley (1994)
  • Going Home, illustrated by Wayne Harris (1994)
  • Toby, illustrated by Noela Young (1994)
  • The Slumber Party, illustrated by David Cox (1993)
  • But Granny Did, illustrated by Ian Forss (1993)
  • Space Travellers, illustrated by Gregory Rogers (1993)
  • All the Better to See You With!, illustrated by Pat Reynolds (1993)
  • Thank You, Santa, illustrated by Kerry Argent (1992)
  • My Dearest Dinosaur, illustrated by Donna Rawlins (1992)
  • Let the Celebrations Begin!, illustrated by Julie Vivas (1991)
  • The Very Best of Friends, illustrated by Julie Vivas (1990)
  • Kathy's Umbrella, illustrated by Hannah Koch (1987)
  • There's a Sea in My Bedroom, illustrated by Jane Tanner (1984)
  • Something Absolutely Enormous, illustrated by Jack Hannah (1984)


  • One Night (2006)
  • Jinx (2004)
  • Beast (1997)
  • Diary of Megan Moon (1988)
  • Grumpy Bunny (2003)


A selection of awards:

There's a Sea in My Bedroom[edit]

The Very Best of Friends[edit]

The Midnight Gang[edit]

Miss Lily's Fabulous Pink Feather Boa[edit]

  • Shortlisted - Young Australian Best Book Award: Picture Book (1999)

Jenny Angel[edit]

  • Shortlisted - Family Award for Children's Books: Picture Book (1999)
  • Shortlisted - Australian Publishers Association: Design (1999)
  • Shortlisted - New South Wales State Literary Award: Young Reader (2000)
  • Won - CBCA Children's Book of the Year Award: Picture Book (2000)
  • Shortlisted - Young Australian Best Book Award: Picture Book (2001)

The Pocket Dogs[edit]


Baby Boomsticks[edit]

Woolvs in the Sitee[edit]


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