Margaret of Bourbon (1211–1256)

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Margaret of Bourbon
Margaret Bourbon.jpg
Spouse Theobald I of Navarre
Issue Theobald II of Navarre
Beatrice of Navarre, Duchess of Burgundy
Henry I of Navarre
Born 1211
Died 12 April 1256(1256-04-12)

Margaret of Bourbon (1211 – 12 April 1256) was the Countess of Champagne and Queen of Navarre. Margaret was the daughter of Archambaud VIII of Bourbon[1][2] and his first wife Alix of Forez.

In 1232 she married Theobald I of Navarre.[3][4] Their children were:

Theobald died in 1253 and Margaret acted as regent for her eldest son Theobald with James I of Aragon until he came of age in 1256. Margaret eventually had Theobald married to Isabella, daughter of Louis IX of France.[5]

Margaret died in Provins, 12 April 1256. She is buried in Clairval.[6]


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Margaret of Bourbon (1211–1256)
Born: 1211 Died: 12 April 1256
Preceded by
Constance of Toulouse
Queen consort of Navarre
Succeeded by
Isabella of France