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Margaux Williamson is a Canadian artist, born in the United States. She lives in Toronto.

She has exhibited her work in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and elsewhere. Her last solo painting exhibition was at the Marvelli Gallery in New York City [1]

Her work has been written about favorably in Canadian Art magazine,[2] the Toronto Star,[3] the New York Times [4] and other publications.

Williamson’s first film, Teenager Hamlet, was presented in 2008 as a gallery installation piece [5] at the Toronto International Film Festival. An altered version was released as a DVD in 2010. It stars Sheila Heti and Sholem Krishtalka. It was shot by the photographer Lee Towndrow and produced by Julia Rosenberg of January Films.[2] With the film, Williamson constructed a fiction out of documentary footage consisting primarily of reality-based interviews and scenarios set up between her friends and neighbors.[6]

She appears as a character in Sheila Heti’s novel “How Should A Person Be?” [7]

She was the Art Gallery of Ontario's Artist-in-Residence from January to March 2012.[8]

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