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Marghera is a municipalità (boroughs) of the comune of Venice, Italy. It includes the industrial area known as Porto Marghera or Venezia Porto Marghera.

The Municipalità di Marghera, one of the six boroughs of Venice's comune, includes 30,000 inhabitants (Marghera alone includes 17,000 inhabitants).


Marghera appeared in 1920, when a part of the town of Mestre (now also a frazione of Venice) was destined for the construction of a commercial and industrial port, as well as of a residential area for its workers. The Enichem fertilizer company operates in Marghera. The name "Marghera", comes from the fact that the area where the present city was built, was once a marine swamp. In the Venetian dialect, in fact, "Mar gh' era" means "There was the sea".


Eagles Airlines has its head office in Marghera.[1]


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