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Margin Free Market is a chain of speciality supermarkets in South India.

During the past six years, a price increase of essential commodities by 100 to 200% became a regular feature in Kerala. Some of the citizens in Trivandrum City thought of organizing a forum which could help the consumers in their day-to-day needs. This is the background of the formation of Consumer Protection & Guidance Society registered in the year 1993. It is the policy of the Society to give full support to the Government, in controlling the price of essential commodities. Amongst other things, the Society has given importance to open a venue where the consumers can get products at reasonable rates . The idea of "Margin Free" programme came up as a first step, based on these ends in view. The Margin Free Market is a co-operative venture of the Consumer Protection & Guidance Society and the management, which came forward to take up the responsibility of launching it. The First Margin Free Market, Fort, Trivandrum was inaugurated on 26 January 1994 by the Hon. District Collector Nivethitha P Haran. Later, another Margin Free Market at Bakery Junction, Trivandrum was inaugurated on 10 December 1997 by the Hon. Principal Secretary, Finance, Vinod Rai, IAS and one more at Padmavilasam Road, Fort by Hon. Collector in charge, C.A. Latha on 19 October 1998. Hon. Civil Supplies Minister E. Chandrashekaran Nair inaugurated the fourth MARGIN FREE MARKET at Alwaye on 20 December 1998.

Provisions, Toiletries, Gift Articles, Kitchenware, plastic goods, fans, mixers, pressure cookers etc. are being sold at reduced rates varying from 1 to 40% less than the maximum retail price fixed by the companies. The society could create an awareness among the people which has resulted in opening a few Margin Free Shops at various parts of Kerala on their own accord.

Charitable deeds like providing help to physically handicapped inmates of Cheshire Home, Orphanages etc. are also undertaken.

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