Margit Evelyn Newton

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Margit Evelyn Newton
Born Rome, Italy
Occupation Actress

Margit Evelyn Newton is an Italian actress who appeared in fourteen films between 1979 and 1990. Frequently billed as Margie Newton, she also received billing, at various points in her career, as Margie Moreau, Margi Eveline Newton and Margi Evelyn Newton.[1][2]

A native of Rome, Italy, Newton is perhaps best known for her performance in the Italian zombie film Hell of the Living Dead.[3][4][5]

Newton used the name Margie Moreau in her first two films, 1979's La Vedova del trullo and 1980's The Iron Hand of the Mafia. Her other 1980's film, L'Ultimo cacciatore (also known as Hunter of the Apocalypse and The Last Hunter), billed her as Margi Eveline Newton. In her last film to date, Claude Chabrol's Quiet Days in Clichy, she had a guest cameo appearance.

In addition to her acting work, Newton also modeled in the Italian men's magazines Playmen and Ginfilm between 1984 and 1987.[1] She retired from show business in the 1990s to marry and raise a family.[1]


Hell of the Living Dead
The Iron Hand of the Mafia
The Last Hunter
The Adventures of Hercules
The Bronx Executioner
Quiet Days in Clichy


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