Mariéme Jamme

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Mariéme Jamme
Born Senegal
Occupation Blogger, Activist
Official website

Senegalese-Born Mariéme Jamme is a London-based CEO, blogger, technologist and social entrepreneur.

Jamme is also a regular international speaker, a blogger and the co-founder of Africa Gathering, a global platform that brings together entrepreneurs and experts to exchange ideas about Africa's development—all part of her efforts to keep the African narrative relevant and positive.[1] "We are witnessing great progress in the continent and this needs to be highlighted," she wrote in 2012.[2]

She is currently the CEO of SpotOne Global Solutions.[3] She was referred to as being 'at the forefront of the technology revolution that is slowly transforming Africa' by CNN.[4] She is also well known for helping to organize the annual Apps4Africa competition.[5][6] Jamme also mentors founders and managers of some of Africa's technology hubs, including HiveColab.[7]