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Not to be confused with Maria Cederschiöld (deaconess)

Maria Cederschiöld (1856–1935) was a Swedish journalist and a suffragette.

Cederschiöld studied in Uppsala and graduated in 1874. After having worked as a teacher, she became a reporter at Aftonbladet in 1884. She wrote foreign news articles and reviewed literature as a critic. In 1909–1921, she was chief editor responsible for the paper's foreign news department.

Maria Cederschiöld was also a feminist, and as such, was internationally known. She was the secretary and later vice chairman of the Swedish suffrage movement and acted as her country's representative in many international suffrage meetings.


  • Lars Johan Hierta och kvinnas rätt i samhället (Lars Johan Hierta and the rights of women in society) 1901
  • Den svenska gifta kvinnans rättsliga ställning (The legal position of the married Swedish woman) 1903
  • En banbryterska. En minnesskrift över Ellen Fries (A pioneer. A memorial over Ellen Fries) 1913

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