Maria Dolgorukova

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Not to be confused with Maria Dolgorukaya.
Maria Dolgorukova
Tsaritsa of All Russia
Tenure 1624–1625
Spouse Michael of Russia
Issue stillborn child
Full name
Maria Vladimirovna Dolgorukova
House House of Dolgoroukov
Father Vladimir Timofeyevich Dolgorukov
Mother Maria Vasilievna Barbashina-Shuiskaya
Born c. 1601
Died 17 January 1625
Burial Ascension Convent, Kolomenskoye
Archangel Cathedral, Kremlin (1929)
Religion Eastern Orthodox

Maria Vladimirovna Dolgorukova (Мария Владимировна Долгорукова in Russian) (1601 – 17 January 1625) was the first wife of Tsar Michael I of Russia.

She was a daughter of boyar Knyaz Vladimir Timofeyevich Dolgorukov and wife Princess Maria Vasilievna Barbashina-Shuiskaya. Her family were of Rurikid stock and related to the ancient grand princes of Russia, unlike her husband.

Maria Vladimirovna died four months after her marriage to Michael, in 1624. Maria died while giving birth.

Russian royalty
Title last held by
Maria Buynosova-Rostovskaya
Tsaritsa consort of Russia
Title next held by
Eudoxia Streshneva