Maria Pellegrina Amoretti

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Maria Pellegrina Amoretti

Maria Pellegrina Amoretti (1756 - 1787), was an Italian lawyer. She is referred to as the first woman to graduate in law in Italy, and the third woman to earn a degree.


When Amoretti was 20 (in 1777), she became a Doctor of Laws, at the University of Pavia, where Columbus was educated.[1] She also received a degree in philosophy from the University.[2]

Amoretti initially applied to the University of Turin, but was rejected because she was a woman, and her graduation from the University of Pavia in 1777 is considered by historian Giulio Natali to be the “most famous graduation of the eighteenth century.”[2]

Though Amoretti died at the age of thirty, she left a manuscript on dowry laws, specifically on marriage in Roman law,[3] which was published posthumously in 1788 by a relative, Carlo Amoretti.[2]


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